The Grand National

It’s Saturday the 11th April and it’s the day of the Grand National, I saw lots of tweets and Facebook posts on which horse people were betting on. I wasn’t going to bother myself as I don’t really understand the betting world i.e the odds on winning, how much you would win back etc.

Anyway, my mum called up to say me and my sister should bet on a horse even if it’s just £1. So off me and my sister Nat went to William Hill having no idea what to do. So we asked the guy in there for help! He showed us the list of names to choose from and how many races they had previously won.

Nat choose ‘shutthefrontdoor’ as after this race the horse is retiring, so a lot of people are betting on this particular horse. I choose 2 horses, the first ‘Many Clouds’ purely because I liked the name and the second ‘First Lieutenant’ as it was number 5 on the list and that’s my favourite number. Just a pound each way as that gives you the opportunity to win something if the horse comes either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

I wasn’t going to watch the race as I can’t cope with the adrenaline of seeing the horse come close to winning then not. I don’t like to be disappointed haha

My mum and sister were watching it so I did too!

Guess what!!?? My horse WON!!! HOORRRAYYYYY.

Well done ‘Many Clouds’ you Legend!!!

Thanks for reading.

Love Annie x

William hill receipt Annie winnings

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Annie Quinn x


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