Solar eclipse in Torquay

The Solar Eclipse was something pretty special. It only happens once every 16 years, the last one was in 1999, I was only 6 but I vaguely remember it. We all sat on the curb down the road we lived in with our special eye protecting glasses.

Anyway 16 years on, I am 22 years old now and I was on holiday in Torquay. I had only found out about the eclipse a few days earlier so set a reminder to wake up early especially for it. They predicted it would be around 8:30am on the morning of Friday 20th March 2015. When I woke up, my dad had the program ‘This Morning’ on and they were giving the viewers at home more information on what a solar eclipse exactly is, how and when it happens etc. Then they began the build up to the moment the eclipse commenced and showed what it looked like in different countries and other areas in the UK. It hit some places faster than others.

We were very lucky to be able to see the sun at that time as most of the UK was overcast and people couldn’t see a thing. We sat looking out from our window and we could see the sun being gradually covered. To look at it resembled the moon, if people weren’t to know I’m sure they would have mistaken it for one.

We however, watched it get smaller until the sun was almost completely covered up. We waited for the moment that we were going to be plunged into darkness…. Then nothing really happened. Admittedly, the sky went dull and it wasn’t as bright out but no darkness! Then slowly but surely the shadow began to ease off and the sun appeared once more.

It would have been amazing to see through a telescope or even in a plane. It was a good experience anyway and I’m glad it wasn’t too cloudy, some people didn’t get to see anything!

Oh well, here’s to the next one in 2026!

Here are some photo’s my mum took of the eclipse…

torquay eclipse

torquay eclipse 2

torquay eclipse 3

torquay eclipse 4 torquay eclipse 5

Thanks for reading 🙂

Annie x

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