Snowboarding Holiday!

Well this was certainly the most adventurous holiday I have ever been on in my life! There was definitely no time for sitting around sunbathing, mainly because there was thick snow everywhere! Also it was my uncles 50th Birthday so there was a huge group of us which made it really fun 🙂

I had previously been taking Snowboarding lessons at an indoor slope in Hemel Hempstead which I would definitely recommend for beginners. The teachers are really lovely and very helpful.

Anyway, off we went on our holiday, the first 2 days we took some more lessons with the instructor who took us up the big mountain on our first day! It was amazing to actually snowboard down a real mountain, it was pretty scary on the first go as there were so many other people who you had to dodge and many behind you who I was constantly scared were going to hit into me.

After the 2 lessons, off I went without the instructor. I actually preferred this as our snowboarding class had a lot of people in it and it was hard for the teacher to help all of us. So on my own I could practice my turns without feeling the pressure of everyone watching me!

As the days went on, I began to feel a lot more confident and my uncle and his friends took us down another mountain and taught us other skills like carving and faster turns.

I can’t even tell you how many times I fell over snowboarding, the first couple of days it was so bad I had to buy wrist guards and knee pads. I’m not so bad now, I barely touched the ground on the last couple of days.

To help with the aching every night I made good use of the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Then midweek got a sports massage which did help.

All in all I had a really great time and would recommend to anyone who enjoys being active and sporty. Do not try it if you don’t like getting hurt, you’ll be sorry!!

That’ s all for now, thanks for reading.

Annie x

posing on snowboard

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Annie Quinn x


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