Braniac Live Event

I hope everyone had a good Valentines day. Whilst the majority of people were being wined and dined at romantic meals and spa days, I went to Thorpe Park to watch some science being made!

Of course this was my choice to go there as the Braniac Live team were appearing there that very day. I always used to watch Branic on TV as I kid, I found it really interesting. It’s not just boring science, they do crazy things like blow up microwaves and caravans, then experiment to see how fast they can go in cars using different kids of explosives. All kinds of things you really shouldn’t try yourself at home!!

So off I went to Thorpe Park. They had a few different science activities that you could get involved with yourself. They had a 2 person bike which gave off energy as you rode it and calculated it by lighting up bulbs once you had covered a certain distance. We worked in 2 teams (girls vs boys) to see who could get the most lights before the timer ran out, of course the girls won! Woop woop 🙂 Then our time got put on the leader board.

After this, there was an air gun tent, where a lady stood in front of the air gun with a plastic cup on her head. The test was to see how many cups you could knock off her head in 30 seconds. I only managed about 5 or 6, I wasn’t very good 😦 I need to work on my arm muscles haha

After this it was time to watch the Braniac Live show, which had different scientist showing off there science skills of: jumping through plaster board, touching electronic fences, setting light to balloons with different gases inside to see which had the loudest bang, seeing which substance was the fastest way to spin you on an office chair and of course blowing up a microwave!!

They also made the show entertaining with comedy and a parody dance of Beyonce’s single ladies.

After the show we managed to get on a few rides to make it even more worthwhile.

All in all I had a good day out, then went for a nice roast dinner.. mmm… 🙂

P.s There will be a video posted soon from the day.

Thanks for reading

Annie x

Braniac live

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