Hamleys Toy Shop

My dad took me to Hamleys Toy Shop in London yesterday. I’m 21 but I think it’s the best toy shop ever!! There was so much going on you didn’t know where to look, from the moment you walked in the door the staff greeted you with happy smiles and gave you a basket.

The staff were crazy, it was amazing! They were at the front of the store singing, dancing, playing with bubble guns using castanets and genuinely looking like they were having a brilliant time.

This store sold everything you could possibly imagine, giant teddy bears and gorillas, huge flying saucers, magic tricks, helicopters, touchable bubbles, optical illusions, dolly’s, board games, kids cars..  EVERYTHING!!

It has so many floors, just when you don’t think you can see any more, you go up a level and there’s even more to see.

My favourite toy was one called ‘My Mystery UFO.’ It is essentially a magic trick/ illusion of which the UFO appears to fly around you, using the movement of your hand. It was so mesmerising to look at, so I had to buy it myself. I haven’t quite mastered how to make it fly as elegantly as they did but I will keep practising 🙂

I had a great time at Hamleys Toy Shop and would highly recommend to anyone, especially with kids.

Thanks for reading

Love Annie x


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