Well the past 7 weeks have been some of the most fun and hectic weeks of my life. I was performing as part of the ensemble in Beauty and the Beast at the Theatre Royal Windsor.

This year was said to have been the best Panto for years, and for some it was the best Panto they had ever seen. So I feel very privileged to be a part of it.

We had a really great cast made up of Rhydian from the X factor, Sheila Ferguson from The Three Degrees, Sally Geeson best known for Bless this house & the Carry On films, Postman Pat and the legendary Basil Brush! The shows themselves were very tiring, having 2 shows a day and 3 shows on a Saturday with one day off a week. 3 show days were just crazy, you would do one show then the curtain would come down and we would receive our half an hour call whilst we were on stage. This meant there was no time for a proper break, so we would quickly shove a sandwhich down our throats and be back on stage again for the next one.

Although the shows were very hectic, us dancers were very lucky because in the second half we only had one dance which was the opening of the second act, then we would have a huge break until we had to go down to do the backing vocals for one of Sheilas songs. So the girls in my dressing room and I would take this time to relax and eat food! For some reason we always seemed to have oranges so we would sit and eat as many oranges as we could. Which would always leave us smelling very zesty!

I was very lucky to share my dressing room with some lovely girls Katy and Sara, they made the experience so much fun and I loved spending the time really getting to know them. They are both brilliant performers and I hope I get the chance to work with them again one day.

Panto is over now 😦 so thank you everyone for a brilliant time I’m going to miss you all. Especially the girls in my dressing room! So here is a picture of us girls together.

Katy, Annie, Sara

Thanks for reading.

Love Annie x

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